How can patients and their caregivers follow critical healthcare instructions when they don’t understand them?

Imagine that your life depended on taking a bottle of pills properly. Now imagine how scary it would be if you were one of the 90 million people, who, for various reasons, cannot read, understand, or process the complexity of medical instructions. Now imagine that no one in your family can either! Medical care miscommunication can lead to crisis and even death.

Patients and their caregivers should be able to receive their information in way that they can readily understand. That may mean that the patient needs their medication reminders and other information in Spanish or another language. It may mean that they need to hear it in English. In the case of English as a second language, many people learn to speak another language but they don’t read it well. And there are many others that find printed instructions very difficult to understand or inaccessible. And yet, the healthcare establishment continues to give us printed information.

We are here with a solution for a new healthcare communication future! An easy to use multi-lingual tablet for patients and their caregivers that actually makes their lives safer and more organized.

SpeechMED Caregiver

SpeechMED+ Benefits For Patients and Their Caregivers:

Peace of mind with respect to healthcare because the patient and caregivers know exactly what to do and when.

Increased ability to make informed decisions about their healthcare because they understand the information given to them.

Help avoiding missed appointments, and medicine doses.

Ability to hear and understand lifesaving messages in their own language.

Assurance that caregivers, regardless of native language, can understand instructions.

Menus That Talk™, is a portable hand-held tablet device that describes the contents of a restaurant’s menu in several different languages. We believe restaurant menus should be able to speak to guests: tell them what’s for dinner, what beverages are available, and what’s for dessert and speak in the guest’s preferred language! No more squinting in dim light or turning page after page of complex printed menus.

Menus That Talk™ does not discriminate. Not only does it cater to languages it also caters to the disabled. For all of your visually impaired people Menus That Talk™ has a tactile overlay so people can feel independent.